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Nutritious Dog Diet - Tips to Choosing Nutritious Dog Food For Your Pet

Of course you want your pet on a nutritious dog diet, but finding a good food for your dog can be a real trick. While every dog food claims to offer one hundred percent complete nutrition, this marketing lingo doesn't necessarily mean all of them are good for your dog. In fact, all it does is tell you that there are certain percentages of fiber, fat, protein, and moisture in a nutritional analysis, as well as a certain number of added minerals and vitamins. Any food you feed your dog should at least have this labeling, but that's not all there is to dog food nutrition. To decide whether a given food is really good for your dog, you'll need to read the label.

Take a look at the price of any food you're considering. While it's entirely possible to find affordable dog food that's nutritionally complete, extremely cheap brands probably aren't. That's because it's not possible to produce a good food for an extremely low price. These brands are probably using lots of cheap fillers to extend the food, making it a lower value for you and for your dog. Good dog food nutrition doesn't have to break your budget, but it will cost you some money.

After you've ruled out the cheapest foods, it's time to take a look at the ingredients. Many foods contain a lot of grain protein, based on ingredients like corn, soy, and wheat. These cheap proteins aren't what's best for your dog, and have been linked to health problems. While a certain amount of grain content is to be expected, grains and legumes should never be the first ingredient in your dog's food. When you do see grains on the label, they should be in the form of barley, rice, or others. Some hypoallergenic foods also include potatoes.

While dogs can eat a certain amount of vegetable based foods, they're naturally meat eaters. That means that the bulk of their food should come from animal sources. However, there are cheap fillers used here, too. Avoid any food that won't name the specific type of meat used. Choose chicken and turkey over labels that merely claim to contain poultry, and beef and lamb over labels that boast "meat" as an ingredient. Also, look for whole meats over broths, meals, and by products. These latter ingredients are cheap fillers, and aren't suitable if you're interested in proper dog food nutrition.

Owners who want the best for their dogs should learn all they can about a nutritious dog diet and dog food nutrition. Look closely at labels and decide for yourself whether a food offers your dog all he or she needs to live well. You might be surprised at how little nutrition is really in some brands of dog food. Shop smart, and get a food that will help your dog stay healthy and live longer.

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