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SUGAR: Not So Sweet After All

SugarIt seems that every week we hear about something else in our food supply that's bad for us. The latest culprit is sugar. This is an especially big problem because sugar is everywhere in our foods. The naturally-occurring sugars found in plants are not the problem - it's the refined white sugar, the high fructose corn syrup, the glucose-fructose, the liquid invert sugar and other manufactured forms of sugar that are the real problem.

Dr. Hugo Rodier speaks about this in his "Sweet Death" address. His message is so important, and so applicable to all of us, that it bears repeating. In fact I have just finished a tour of western Canada where I represented Dr. Rodier's material and also talked about several NSP products that can help us avoid excess consumption of sugar. For those of you who missed these presentations, following is a summary of the highlights of the talk.

Sweet Death

Sugar is in such prevalence in our foods that we have become addicted to it. While this may sound over-dramatic, consider that alcohol is really just fermented sugar. There are articles showing that the physiology of sugar addiction is the same as that for alcohol addiction, and that the severity of diseases resulting from the two is about the same. Also, the receptor sites in the brain where sugar molecules hook up to are the same as the sites used by alcohol and opiates. So it's not such a stretch to think in terms of being addicted to sugar.

Rage of the AGE

And it's not just sugar, but artificial sweeteners and food additives that cause problems, because we are just as addicted to these other compounds. To make matters worse, the food industry is part of the problem, because of all the addictive chemicals they've been putting into our food for years.

There are also other sugar-like molecules that are toxic and inflammatory. These are known as AGE - Advanced Glycation Endproducts - they're what you get when you cook sugars at high temperatures, and that's exactly what food companies are doing with their products - they cook them at high temperatures for us. It should come as no surprise to find out these AGE compounds are just as addictive as sugar. That's why we love mashed potatoes and macaroni and pasta and all those "comfort foods."

The bottom line is that we can't live without refined foods; they've become a compulsion. Part of the reason is the chemicals that are put in our food, and part of the reason is the addictive properties of sugar and AGE compounds.

Why Worry?

Our excessive sugar consumption is a problem because it's leading to all kinds of health problems and degenerative diseases. The most important disease right now is called Metabolic Syndrome (formerly called syndrome X), which comprises high Blood Pressure, high Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, Blood Clotting, and excessive Uric acid (Gout). These diseases are just the tip of the iceberg, as they can lead to more significant health challenges. How does too much sugar lead to all these diseases? It causes changes at the cellular level, making the cell membranes rigid and unresponsive to their environment.

Failure to Communicate

Our bodies are made up of approximately 100 trillion cells, and all of those cells have to talk to one another. They have to be very effective at communicating energy and information to each other. The cell membrane is the interface where communication takes place, and it's covered in receptors to receive and transmit information. Our cell membranes are made up of proteins, fats and sugars - exactly what we eat! So if we keep feeding ourselves garbage, our cells don't get the right building materials to make healthy membranes, and they can't communicate as effectively as they should. It's a case of garbage in, garbage out. And the worst things in our diet for the health of our cell membranes are trans-hydrogenated fats and refined sugars and carbohydrates form processed foods.

This failure to communicate leads to insulin resistance- insulin can't get across the cell membrane to do its job and delivering glucose (blood sugar) into the cells. The body's first response is to make more insulin, and the problem is that insulin in high doses in very inflammatory, as is sugar. So we end up with a situation in which all of our cells, tissues and organs are stewing in a soup of too much insulin and too much blood sugar. This leads to inflammation everywhere, and the cells become Toxic, Oxidized, Inflamed and Lacking in energy - our cells are TOILing. When the body's cells are TOILing, they aren't working as properly as they should, and various disease states begin to manifest. For example, toiling kidney cells lose their ability to filer properly, and we get a buildup of uric acid, which precipitates into crystals and goes to our toes, cause gout. The same idea is behind gallstones, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and all the other diseases and conditions associated with Metabolic syndrome.

Healthy Diet: The First Step

I hope you've got the idea by now that we should be avoiding excessive sugar intake, processed foods, hydrogenated fats and refined carbohydrates as much as possible. Make sure to include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet, along with nuts and high quality proteins.

Nature's Sunshine: A Helping Hand NSP has several products that will help you reduce your sugar intake, get good fats and oils into your system, and make sure you have high quality proteins.

Nature's Sweet Life Products - this is a line of products sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener that will help you avoid the pitfalls of sugar. As an added bonus, xylitol significantly improves oral health.

Nature's Gold - made from 100 percent organic barley, this super food has no chemical additives or refined sugar, but is full of high quality protein, fibre, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Nature's Gold is 97 percent digestible and is low on the Glycemic Index. High-glycemic foods are a major contributor to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Flax Hull Lignans - another 100 percent organic superfood, this one from flax seed. The lignans found on the outside of the seed are tremendous hormone balancers and have been shown to be effective in the fight against many chronic degenerative diseases, including diabetes. As an added benefit, our product is about 50 percent fibre.
Super Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Flax Seed Oil - all of these products provide the good fats (Omega 3 and omega 6) that our bodies need to construct good cell membranes.

SynerProtein - a source of high quality protein from soy, very low in fat.

NutriBurn - two different flavours, cocoa and vanilla, these are also low in fat. The protein source is whey.

Zambroza - NSP's healthy fruit juice blend, Zambroza is the most potent antioxidant on the market. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, which is of tremendous benefit due to the inflammation caused by excessive blood sugar and blood insulin levels.

And to help you avoid exposure to unnecessary toxins, please don't forget our environmentally-friendly household products: the all-purpose cleaner Nature's Concentrate, and the enzyme-based stain and odour remover Nature's Fresh.

Keep all of these products close at hand and make them part of your daily diet, and you'll be well on your way to achieving a healthy diet and lifestyle.
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