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Stress & Energy by Robert Levert

“Stress is the spice of life” says Dr. Hans Selye, the world-famous Canadian pioneer of stress research, in his book Stress Without Distress. Without it you would be a vegetable – or dead. Then why can stress be destructive, causing ulcers, heart disease, and so many other ailments of modern society?

First of all, what is stress? Stress is a response to any type of demand made on the body, whether physical, mental, social, or emotional. Stress is caused by bad things as well as good things in your life. Stress is linked to a host of ailments and can make your immune system more vulnerable to other illnesses. When the adrenal glands are chronically stimulated by the body’s reaction to stress, the long-term results are often immune, hormone, and digestive system depletion, as well as high blood pressure.

According to Dr. Selye’s extensive research, stress results from a stimulus that requires a response or ‘adaptation’ to the way we perform, think, or feel. Consequently, taking ‘adaptogen’ herbs helps your body ‘adapt’ to stress. They often calm the mind and help your endocrine system function more effectively. Siberian ginseng is the prototype of the ‘adaptogenic’ agent as conceived by Dr. Selye.

Siberian ginseng is an excellent herbal tonic that can help pull you back together after a stressful period or keep you going through the rough times. Siberian ginseng increases a person’s ability to ‘adapt’ to changes in the environment; in other words, it builds up the body’s ability to resist stress effects. It acts as a tonic to the adrenal glands to help them conserve vitamin C, and serves as a tonic to the entire glandular system, thus saving energy. Avoid taking this herb just before bed, because it can keep you awake.

Chamomile, passion flower and hops are among the safest and most effective herbs to use to gently calm your nerves and ease stress. Fortunately, you can find all three of them in STR-J, along with fennel, marshmallow, and feverfew. This herbal combination is also known for its mild sedative effect which relieves anxiety, excitability, and nervous tension.

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