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Solstic Energy Drink Benefits

Solstic Energy Drink has many benefits.  Here is a list I am proud to list:

  • A healthy alternative to popular energy drinks on the market
  • A low-calorie energy booster with no sugar to pack on the pounds.  Only 12 calories per serving
  • Contains ingredients that support energy but also provide health benefits
  • Guarana promotes mental alertness and increased energy levels and can improve exercise performance
  • Red grape skin extract contains antioxidant pigments called anthocyanins that inhibit LDL oxidation (LDL oxidation is bad for you).  Also has resveratrol, which protects against cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis and promotes healthy cholesterol levels.  Resveratrol dilates blood vessels and promotes healthy circulation
  • Green tea extract's powerful antioxidants protect against cardiovascular disease and promote healthy circulation.  Green tea can promote healthy weight by boosting calorie and fat metabolism.  Green tea improves cognitive performance and mental alertness, and enhances endurance by increasing metabolic capacity and fat burning for energy
  • Korean ginseng is an adaptogen that increases resistance to stress and enhances immune function.  Also used to promote healthy energy levels, cognitive function and mood
  • Vitamin B1 plays an important role in helping the body convert carbohydrates and fat into energy.  It helps to maintain proper functioning of the heart and the nervous and digestive systems
  • Vitamin B2 works with other B vitamins to produce energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Vitamin B2 is also involved in the essential pathway for energy production
  • Vitamin B3 is essential for the production of cellular energy (ATP)
  • Vitamin B5 is needed for energy metabolism (breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats)
  • Vitamins B6 is involved in food metabolism and the release of energy.  Also required for amino acid metabolism and the formation of blood proteins and antibodies
  • Vitamin B12 is essential for energy production and the maintenance of the nervous system

You get all these benefits in only 12 calories. 


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