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Solstic Energy - Healthy Energy Drink

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Do You Have Solstic Energy?

Canadians gulp down more than 1$-billion worth of energy drinks, power bars and weight-loss products every year.  There are more new customers reaching for these products every day, and the number of choices in the market continues to proliferate.  But many of these drinks do not promote health in the long run.  With Solstic Energy, Nature's Sunshine is pleased to offer you a product that is a healthy alternative to the various energy drinks and caffeinated beverages that so many people are reaching for.

Did you know?

Approximately 85 percent of the world's population uses coffee, tea, colas, energy drinks, or some combination of them to help get through the day.  Unfortunately, many of these drinks trade off a short term "kick" for long-term health consequences.  The typical energy drink overloads your body with sugar and processed caffeine.  Some popular energy drinks have as much as 5 teaspoons of sugar in a small can.  you'll see a short-lived boost in energy followed by a significant "crash".  Long term high sugar and caffeine consumption can lead to a variety of health issues, including dehydration and chronic inflammation, which can lead to a whole host of other problems.

Another key ingredient in many energy drinks is taurine.  Taurine has not been proven to be energy-giving in scientific studies.  It would be misleading to assume that the taurine in sugar-and caffeine-laden drinks is responsible for any energy-boosting effects.  The safety of taurine is also unknown.  A study conducted in 2008 showed that the ingestion of one 250ml can of sugar-free Red Bull, in a sample of 30 healthy young adults, had an immediate detrimental effect on both endothelial function and normal blood coagulation.  This temporarily raised the cardiovascular risk in these individuals to a level comparable to that of an individual with established coronary artery disease.

Buy Healthy Energy Drinks

Based on their results, researchers involved with the study cautioned against the consumption of Red Bull in individuals under stress, in those with high blood pressure, or in anyone with established atherosclerotic disease.  Contrast this with red grape skin and decaffeinated green tea extracts in Solstic Energy.  They have antioxidant properties which actually protect against cardiovascular diseases and promote healthy circulation as opposed to raising cardiovascular risks.  Green tea is a good herbal substitution for taurine because it enhances endurance by increasing metabolic capacity and uses fatty acids as an energy source in skeletal muscle during exercise.

Solstic Energy is a nutrient-rich formula that boosts energy without the hitters and crashes of other energy drinks.  Solistic's blend of natural, energy-boosting ingredients gives added stamina without crashing later, and without added long-term health risks.  Solistic Energy contains the complete complex of B Vitamins, which play an important role in energy metabolism.  it comes in convenient, take-anywhere, easy-to-use stick packs, and is highly economical with 30 packets in a box.  With so many benefits, Solstic is the natural choice for when you want energy without side effects.

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Buy Healthy Energy Drinks

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