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The Surprising Secret About Good Health - It’s Not What You Think

You may think there are many factors involved in the quest for optimum health, but it really all comes down to 3 simple concepts: mind, body and spirit.

Our mind tries to make everything so complicated when in really it is SO simple.

Let’s start with the mind. For one reason or another, the mind likes to constantly jump between the past and future. The thoughts that roll into our heads are just incredible. Make a point of observing your thoughts for just one day, trust me you will be astonished with what it comes up with.

Healing starts with a positive attitude. By remaining positive, you are feeding all the cells in your body energy with a higher vibration. Remember, a higher vibration can penetrate a lower vibration, but a lower vibration cannot penetrate a high vibration. In other words, you holding a higher vibration (positivity), will stop someone else’s negativity (lower vibration) from getting to you. When you decide to make a conscious effort to improve your health, a positive attitude goes a long way, so decide to be positive as well.

Take time out of your day to sit back and relax and think of only that precise moment. For every negative thought that enters your mind, think of two positive.

Next there is the body. It all starts with nutrition. There is a reason people say you are what you eat, you truly are.

Eating and drinking is vital to our busy lives. We need proper nutrition to keep our body functioning properly. We complain about no energy, weight gain or loss, feelings of depression, stress, etc., yet look at what we eat!

So really, how can we complain when it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves?

Granted, through conditioning from the media and parents who didn’t know any better themselves, we have been caught up in this improper and ultimately harmful mindset when it comes to food. But it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves.

Now let’s talk about supplements. The bottom line is, due to our lack of love for the earth, we have depleted our soil of essential nutrients. Our fruits and vegetables do not have the same amount of nutrients they did when our ancestors where feeding off the land. The recommended serving of fruits and vegetables per day has gone up to 8-10. I don’t know about you, but there is no way I can eat that much in one day. That is why supplements are so important.

Make sure you are getting nothing but the best in quality, shop around, it will be worth doing your research.

Another factor impacting our body is physical trauma. For example, a past knee surgery may bring arthritis later. The proper nutrition and supplements can assist with the healing of your knee to avoid arthritis later in life.

And finally, spirituality. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as it brings you peace, love and joy. Take time before bed, to sit with what you believe in and communicate with it. Talk from the heart. That is your best journal.

So, let’s recap….

1. Practice positive thinking
2. Eat properly and take your supplements.
3. Talk and spend time with what you believe in.

So what is the secret to good health? Keep it simple!! Remember how simple things where when you were a child? Maybe that’s the key to being young at heart.

About the Author
Diane Vitellaro, Reiki Master and Iridologist, specializes in the field of Holistic therapies. Her extensive training represents her wealth of knowledge and expertise in both physical and energetic therapies, with extensive training in Herbs, Ear Candling, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Color Therapy and much more. Contact Diane Vitellaro To re-energize your life and enhance your health and well-being . To learn more about your health visit her website at www.TheHealthyTruth.NET or email her at diane@thehealthytruth.NET.  To speak with Diane directly, please contact her a 647-833-4993 or visit her on Skype.  Holistically transform your life today!

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