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You Deserve Perfect Skin By Linda Chae

Perfect SkinEvery woman deserves to have perfect skin. . . so, wouldn't it be great if the world always saw the youthful and vivacious woman with perfect skin? Let’s get started right now to shape and change those minor things that lead to signs of aging.

Ready to start turning back your age? Here are some simple tips to help you look and feel younger.

1. Sit Up Straight

"People with good posture are seen as younger, more confident, and happier than those who slouch, round their shoulders, or tilt to one side," according to Paul D'Arezzo, MD, a certified emergency physician in Colorado Springs, CO. You'll not only look better, you’ll feel better too! Good posture prevents muscle strain and can help eliminate tension headaches caused by strain on the neck. Think about taking a regular yoga or Pilates class to strengthen core muscles in your abdomen, pelvis, and lower back. If you spend long hours seated at your desk, remember to create several brief exercises to do at regular breaks to relax, stretch and firm your muscles.

2. Darken and Emphasize Your Brows

"When brows are thin and light, they make your features disappear, adding years to even the youngest looking face," says Damone Roberts, a celebrity eyebrow artist and costar of TLC's 10 Years Younger. Cleanse your face in the morning, followed by your moisturizer. Then fill in sparse spots in your brow to create the illusion of thickness. We associate youthfulness and confidence with darker, fuller brows.

3. Follow A Daily Skin Care Routine

Caring for your skin twice a day can reverse the effects of time but tightening, moisturizing and lifting the dermis of your skin. Choose a cleanser specifically for your skin type along with a moisturizer to support your skin through the day. Don’t forget to apply a toxic free SPF day cream to protect against UVA/UVB rays throughout the day. Cleansing and moisturizing again before bed will support your skin as it rejuvenates during the night. . .leaving you with perfect, radiant skin.

4. Stop Smoking

Smoking can shorten a woman's life by 14 1/2 years, according to the CDC. It also causes excessive wrinkling around the eyes and mouth, along with a grayish complexion. "Your skin may be able to repair itself somewhat from the damage," says Patricia Farris, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University. Using skin care products, like Chaé Organics, which are rich in nutrients, will help restore the glow and radiance to your skin.

5. Brighten Your Smile

Our smiles are a beacon for impressions about age. Since enamel wears over time and darkens, a dull colored smile is connected with age. A smile that is bright white is connected with youth and good health. Many of us have lifestyle habits that affect the way our teeth appear to others – including habits which stain our teeth like drinking coffee, red wine, tea, etc. Not only do we need to cut back the habits, but a trip to the dentist to have teeth professionally cleaned is important to overall health. And don’t forget the daily brushing and flossing.

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About the Author: Linda Chaé is a prominent researcher, formulator, educator and consumer advocate. She’s met with Congressional Leaders and Health Committee Members in Washington D.C., fighting for ‘Your Right to Know’ legislation, and to protect the public from unsafe chemicals in products. Register for her FREE newsletter at

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