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Xylitol Sweetened Products


XylitolXylitol Gum Cinnamon (100) $13.07

Xylitol Gum Spearmint (100) $13.07

About Nature's Sweet Life Xylitol Gum

Chew Your Way to a Brighter Smile

Chewing Nature's Sweet Life xylito-sweetened gum actually promotes good oral health.  Enjoy the refreshing taste of two flavours - Cinnamon and Spearmint - as you chew your way to a brighter, healthier smile.  Nature's Sweet Life gum freshens breath while helping keep your teeth and gums healthy.  Chewing Nature's Sweet Life gum after meals helps reduce cavities in two ways.  First, it stimulates the production of saliva, which washes away and neutralizes damaging acid produced by bacteria in the mouth.  Second, because it is sweetened with xylitol, it helps curb the growth of bacteria.  The result is a cleaner mouth and fantastic breath.  Our xylitol-sweetened gum is the perfect aid for children who just won't brush enough, or for adults who can't find the time to brush between meals.  Enjoy after meals, as a snack, or anytime.



Xylitol mint lemonXylitol Mint Lemon (240)

Xylitol Mint Berry (240)

Xylitol Mint Peppermint (240)

Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth

Nature's Sweet Life mints are an excellent way to promote good oral health throughout the day and a sweet experience that won't weigh on your conscience.  Like our other xylitol products, it stops the destructive effects of bacteria by preventing plaque-forming micro-organisms from adhering to the surface of your teeth.  Nature's Sweet Life mints are sugar-free, safe for diabetics and non-cariogenic.  Our mints help freshen your breath while helping fight cavities.  Nature's Sweet Life mints come in three enjoyable flavours, lemon, peppermint and berry.



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