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Tiao He PakTiao He Pak

Herbal Cleanse Program
Digestive/Intestinal/Circulatory Systems #4005-7 (30x6) $43.93

A 10-day herbal cleanse program that helps the body achieve balance and harmony. The Tiao He Cleanse is designed to support the mechanisms of the body by targeting the intestinal, digestive and circulatory systems.




# 8236-2 (12 bars) $30.71

The TNT Bar is a delicious and nutritious energy bar that puts the health benefits of your TNT drink mix into a convenient, easy-to-eat, carry-anywhere food. It is perfect for people on the go, athletes, teenagers, school children looking to fill the after-school void, and office workers who might be tempted by the chocolate bar machine in the hall. It? also a great healthy snack for weight watchers.

TNT Bar is the ultimate in convenience and portability. Yogurt-coated with a lemon flavour and no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives, each bar has a full complement of 25 different vitamins and minerals but with only 200 calories.
TNT Bar has 28% of calories from protein, 26% from fat and 46% from carbohydrate. This balance is ideal for everyone, because it? half way between the high-carbohydrate bars favoured by athletes and the high-protein bars favoured by proponents of The Zone and similar diets.



TNT DrinkTNT Nutritional Drink

532 g Bulk Powder Nutritional Drink Mix  # 4300-5 $29.29

TNT - TOTAL NUTRITION TODAY – is an explosion of energy and nutrition. In a time when quick pace and junk foods have become synonymous of our Western lifestyle, Nature's Sunshine has designed a unique nutritional beverage for the daily needs of every member of the family. Not only is TNT nutritious, it is tasty and delicious with its orange creme flavour. Stir it and drink it! Add TNT to your drinks, shakes, popsicles, etc. It's a delight any way and anytime you use it!

Each serving of TNT provides high amounts of soluble fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients essential to good health.

TNT can be used as part of a dietary program. The combination of TNT and SynerProtein powder provides a full spectrum of nutrients and protein especially useful for those who are counting calories and watching their weight.

Comes with convenient scoop for ease of measuring. Servings per container: 14
Also available:
case lots (6 cans), Stock No. 4302-4 - please contact to order
single-serving packet, Stock No. 4301-6 - please contact to order
bulk order single-serving packets (12) - please contact to order




Glandular System #1092-0 (100) $20.14

TS II is a formula designed to nutritionally support the glandular system to balance hormonal activity, especially the thyroid gland.

TS II contains kelp, Irish moss, parsley, hops and capsicum.

Kelp contains an above average amount of naturally occurring iodine, which is a nutrient essential for proper thyroid function.



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