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St. John's WartSt. John's Wart with Passion Flower

Nervous/Digestive Systems #655-3 (100) $32.93

Throughout the years this herb has gained a solid reputation as a tranquilizer and as a treatment for depression and insomnia. The plant has been used as a muscle relaxant to lessen menstrual cramps.

In Europe, St. John’s Wort is a popular remedy for gastro-intestinal disorders such as gastric ulcers. It has also been used as a pain killer for rheumatism, burns and irritations.

Also included in this combination is Passion Flower, a herb traditionally used to calm the nerves and promote relaxation.

Caution:  Consult your health care practitioner if you are taking prescription anti-depressant drugs including selective serotonin uptake inhibitors as well as any MAO inhibitors.  While taking this product avoid exposure to strong sunshine and tanning lights.



Stomach ComfortStomach Comfort Chewable

Digestive System # 1820-0 (60) $23.07

This antacid formula provides natural ingredients to help nutritionally support digestion in times of occasional stomach upset. It contains calcium carbonate, alginic acid (from kelp, protects the mucus lining of the esophagus), wintergreen oil, papaya fruit (aids digestion), slippery elm bark (soothes the digestive tract), licorice root concentrate (aids digestion) and ginger (promotes digestion).

Stomach Comfort may help normal body processes in soothing occasional acid indigestion, heartburn or gas. Recommendation: For Adult Use: For the relief of heartburn associated with acid indigestion or stomach acid reflux, chew two tablets as needed.
Can also be used for pH balancing (chew 1-2 tablets between meals).
• Pleasant-tasting chewable tablet.
• Provides relief of heartburn.
• Contains herbs that soothe mucus membranes and support normal digestive processes.




Nervous System #1871-0 (100) $27.07

STR-C is a Chinese herbal combination for calming the mind, body and emotions.  STR-C's benefits encompass all body systems, with special emphasis on mental and emotional health.

A sedative formula with natural sources of calcium to calm the nervous system. Relieves muscle spasms often associated with anxiety.



Stress FormulaStress Formula

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, Nervous System #1645-6 (100) $34.43

Stress is one factor everyone has to deal with, since it often can't be eliminated.  Stress Formula is designed to help your body deal with daily stress.  Stress Formula is a B-complex vitamin and vitamin C formula to provide a nutritional defense against chronic and acute stress.  For further support, it contains the nervine herbs hops, passion flower and valerian that help support the nervous system and promote relaxation and emotional stability.  The herb schizandra is also included for its adaptogenic strength to help the body remain in a state of balance during times of stress.




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