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Olive LeafOlive Leaf Extract

Immune and Circulatory systems #204-7 (60) $39.93

Olive Leaf Extract specifically enhances the immune system with its powerful neutralizing constituents, without harming beneficial bacteria. Olive Leaf Extract disrupts the growth of bacteria and viruses and also stimulates the activity of important cells in the immune system that fight infection.



Oregon GrapeOregon Grape Extract (Glycerin Base)

Digestive/Circulatory Systems #3395-9 (59 mL) $22.71

Native to the west coast of North America and cultivated elsewhere for ornamental purposes, the Oregon grape is also known as mountain grape or holly-leaved barberry. The plant grows quickly and reaches a height of six feet, producing yellowish-green flowers and purple berries. The roots are used in herbology as a nutritional aid to the digestive and circulatory systems. The plant contains the alkaloid, berbine, which is also found in golden seal. It also contains oxycanthine and columbine. Oregon Grape Liquid Herb is suspended in an all-natural glycerin base, which adds its nutritional properties. Liquid herbs are highly concentrated and easily assimilated.

  • Traditional Herbal Cholagogue

  • Improves digestion by enhancing the flow of bile.

  • Cholagogues have traditionally been used to improve liver function and relieve lymphatic stagnation.

    These actions may help to stimulate the immune system.

  • Traditionally used to treat skin diseases including acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and to help fight

    infections of the mucous membranes.







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