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Glandular System #1117-2 (90) $33.57

Statistical reports suggest that 1 in 3 men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 59 years experience dissatisfaction with some aspects of sexual function. Women express equal dissatisfaction. Prescription drugs have been an answer to some sexual problems, but often they have side effects.
Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a tuber that is a member of the radish family that grows in the Andean mountains of South America, may provide a natural means for improving sexual desire and performance. It may also support physical and mental strength in both males and females. Also known as Peruvian ginseng, maca may help enhance physical energy and endurance, promote mental clarity and concentration, and boost work capacity. As an adaptogen, it helps restore stamina and buffer the effects of stress.
Animal studies show that maca supports improvement in male subjects with erectile dysfunction. It also contains several flavones and flavonoid glycosides, which may support the balance of female reproductive hormones.
NSP Maca contains standardized pure root extract, with a guaranteed potency macaenes and macamides in the ratio of 4:1.



MagnesiumMagnesium Complex

Vital Nutrition, Structural #1859-8 (100 mg, 100 cap) $15.79

•Is highly bioavailable.
•Is alkalizing.
•Promotes musculoskeletal health.
•Supports a healthy biological terrain.
•Supports a healthy cardiovascular system, especially during exercise.
Magnesium is an essential mineral. It is present in more than 300 enzymatic systems where it is crucial for energy production and other metabolic functions. The heart, brain and kidneys cannot function without adequate levels of this nutrient.

Magnesium Complex combines two excellent forms of magnesium—citrate and malate. Studies show that magnesium citrate and malate are soluble and among the best forms of magnesium. Each capsule provides 100 mg magnesium.



Marshmallow and PepsinMarshmallow & Pepsin

Digestive system #848-2 (100) $20.93

  • Pepsin is a digestive enzyme and may help relieve various gastrointestinal problems stemming from poor digestion.

  • Pepsin’s digestion-enhancing abilities may help reduce allergies and respiratory problems often associated with poor digestion of protein.

  • Marshmallow is a mucilaginous herb. These herbs are very soothing to mucus membrane tissues and have traditionally been used in cases of bloating, indigestion, flatulence and hyperacidity, and for peptic ulcers.



Master GMaster G

Glandular #2874-6 (120) $27.43

  • Contains herbs and micronutrients that nourish the entire glandular system.

  • Thyme has traditionally been used as a sedative, an antiseptic, an antipyretic (fever reducer) and as an expectorant.

  • Helps the glandular system to function normally. Some of the functions of the glandular system are the production of hormones, coping with and recovering from stress, monitoring metabolic rate, and releasing energy.

  • Promotes proper homeostatic function, reducing overactivity and increasing underactivity.

  • A properly nourished glandular system may result in an increased metabolic rate, which would aid in weight loss efforts.

  • Proper nourishment of the glandular system may help treat swollen glands.

  • Dandelion has traditionally been used to stimulate appetite and to increase bile flow.

  • Helps the whole body heal and balance where appropriate.




Circulatory System #4002-8 (180) $59.30

MC is a "mega-nutrient" supplement designed to support the entire circulatory system—arteries, veins, capillaries and the tissues and organs they serve. MC contains a variety of natural chelating substances. It contains no artificial colours, preservatives, starches, sugars or yeast.

  • May aid the body in eliminating plaque and fatty deposits along arterial and vessel walls.

  • May help decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels and strenghten the heart.

  • May improves vascular integrity and help to stimulate cardiac and peripheral circulation.

  • Chelating action of the minerals and herbals may help rid the body of toxic heavy metals.

  • May help reduces platelet adhesion and aggregation.


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