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Intestinal System #1874-3 (100) $23.43

Nutritionally supports the detoxifying and eliminative functions of the body.  Cools the blood; clears the excess; normalizes tissues of the head; activates circulation of Chi and blood; calms agitation; harmonizes internal feelings with external expression; clears excess Chi.




Immune System #1892-6 (100) $29.21

Nutritionally supports the immune system for optimal immune response.  Restores normal organ functions; nourishes the blood; strengthens the bones; regulates the moisture; normalizes the immune system; enhances circulation; improves outlook on life; tonifies Chi and Yang.



IronIron w/Vitamin C

Circulatory System #1785-4 (120) $18.93

This iron supplement contains vitamin C which is essential for the absorption of iron.

It is estimated that iron deficiencies are the most prevalent deficiencies affecting human populations today. Many Western health authorities encourage their female population to take iron supplements. Iron’s presence is essential for the distribution of oxygen molecules and overall health. However, the average Westerner’s diet provides less than 10% of the iron needed.





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