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Glandular System

The glandular system is responsible for performing a myriad of regulatory functions, including temperature control and metabolic rate.  It is made up of the hormone-producing organs of the body, listed below:

  • Pituitary Gland

  • Thyroid

  • Adrenal Glands

  • Pancreas

  • Parathyroid

  • Thymus

  • Ovaries/Testes

  • Prostate

Master G Formula

Master G Formula is a key product that provides nutritional support for all the glands of the body.  Hormones that are produced by these glands influence the health of the entire body, and the glands must be strengthened to ensure balance and harmony.  Master G Formula also contains essential vitamins and minerals, combined with specific herbs rich in easily-absorbed trace minerals.

Adrenal Support

The adrenal glands are primarily responsible for offsetting the effects of emotional, mental and physical stress on the body.  Modern dietary habits and stressful lifestyles have a deleterious effect on the capabilities of the adrenal glands.  Your level of energy, muscular strength, blood sugar levels and ability to respond to environmental stressors are all affected by adrenal function.

Adrenal Support is specially formulated to nourish the adrenal glands and to promote glandular secretion.  The formulation includes adrenal glandular substance (from New Zealand BSE-free bovine) plus vitamins and herbs to help maintain proper adrenal function.


This combination is designed to provide the nutrition necessary for proper balance of the female reproductive and glandular systems.  It is especially useful in relieving symptoms of PMS.  Some time-honoured herbs in this formula include red raspberry, blessed thistle, cramp bark, squawvine and black cohosh.  Nutritionally, the formula is a natural herbal source of iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, silicon, sodium, B vitamins niacin and riboflavin and vitamins A and C.

Caution:  Pregnancy and nursing.


TS II is a formula designed to nutritionally support the glandular system to balance hormonal activity, especially the thyroid gland.

TS II contains kelp, Irish moss, parsley, hops and capsicum.

Kelp contains an above average amount of naturally occurring iodine, which is a nutrient essential for proper thyroid function.


KC-X is a rich source of organic iodine and numerous trace minerals that provide nourishment to the glandular system.

KC-X, which contains Irish moss plant, kelp plant, black walnut hulls, parsley herb, watercress, and sarsaparilla root, helps balance hormonal deficiency, especially in the thyroid gland.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto has gained a solid reputation for helping to relieve symptoms of benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), or enlargement of the prostate - a condition in men which causes frequent and painful urination and which can lead to prostate cancer.  BPH is considered to be caused by testosterone accumulating in the prostate.  The testosterone is then converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes the cells to multiply too quickly and leads to enlargement of the prostate.  It is thought that saw palmetto extract prevents testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone.

Flax Hull Lignans

Lignans from flaxseed hulls contain weak, phytoestrogens that compete with stronger estrogens the body manufactures.  In so doing, lignans are capable of reducing estrogen dominance in both men and women and are gaining considerable attention in the prevention and treatment of breast and prostate cancers.

Nature's Sunshine Flax Hull Lignans contain the highest concentration of lignans on the market.



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