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Garden EssenceGarden Essence, Plant Enzyme

Digestive System/Vital Health #1643-9 (100) $32.93

Garden Essence delivers the full spectrum of plant enzymes in a blend of five digestion-enhancing herbs. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables in the convenience of a capsule. The herbal food blend acts as a digestive aid and enzyme stabilizer to further enhance and prolong the enzyme activity.

Benefits of Garden Essence:

  • An inexpensive way to make up for not always eating enough fresh raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Delivers the enzyme essence of a bountiful garden harvest in a capsule.
  • Long lasting enzyme action due to stabilizers that protect the enzymes from being neutralized by Hydrochloric acid (HCI) and pH levels.
  • Contains a digestion-enhancing herbal blend.
  • Is a scientifically pH balanced formula that gives superior results.
  • Better absorption of other supplements when taken with Garden Essence.
  • Natural source of enzymes.



GarlicGarlic, High Potency - 4 Kids Too!

Immune System #292-9 (60) $37.36

High-Potency Garlic contains the dietary virtues of garlic, which are well known the world over. Garlic has served man from the earliest times. The only problem with getting garlic into the diet has always been the distinct odor it leaves on the breath. Recent technological breakthroughs have made it possible to manufacture odorless garlic. The question is, does it retain the potency of fresh garlic? Studies have shown that it doesn’t.

Nature’s Sunshine offers you the finest and most potent garlic on the market today with a special coating that controls the garlic’s odor. When broken open, these tablets have a strong garlic odor—unlike other “odorless” garlic products. Trade-secret processing and careful preparation of each tablet give NSP’s high-potency garlic a special locked-in freshness coating that contains chlorophyll, which controls odor while assuring a long, effective shelf-life. Because the tablet does not break down for absorption until it reaches the small intestine, you receive the full nutritional value of garlic without the undesirable taste. Moreover, comparing total allicin potential (TAP) with other leading brands, Nature’s Sunshine leads the pack. Grown in Xinjiang, China, and watered by pure subterranean canals from the snow-capped Tian Shan mountains, Nature’s Sunshine’s garlic is valued above all others for its great potency and superb quality. One 400 mg tablet equals 1,200 mg of fresh garlic, roughly equal to one clove. 



ginkgo bilobaGinkgo Biloba Slow Release

Circulatory System #898-8 (30) $36.57

Ginkgo is the most widely prescribed medication in Europe, often for problems related to poor circulation. Widely known as the "smart herb" of our time, it aids in mental functioning. Ginkgo increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, heart and all parts of the body by promoting optimal blood circulation. Slow Release Ginkgo provides long-lasting protection to the brain by releasing standardized ginkgo flavone glycosides and terpene lactones gradually over a one day period.



Ginkgo HawthornGinkgo/Hawthorn Herb Combination

Circulatory System #909-3 (100) $20.43

This combination is known as a heart tonic. Ginkgo biloba enhances circulation by opening capillaries and reducing swelling. Hawthorn is famous for nutritionally supporting the heart and helping regulate its beating action.



Ginseng KoreanGinseng, Korean

Circulatory Systems #665-4 (100) $28.57

When it comes to an anti-stress herbal tonic, the first name to come to mind is Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng). Like its cousin, Siberian ginseng, Korean ginseng is known as an "adaptogen," (having a normalizing affect on whatever ails the body.) But unlike Siberian ginseng, Korean ginseng has a reputation for increasing male hormonal activity and is viewed by many to be more beneficial for aiding men than women.

The herb derives its Latin name, Panax, from the Greek goddess, Panacea, the one who "heals all." Ancient Chinese records dating from 25 AD mention this plant as a superior herb for increasing overall strength and endurance, and for promoting health and well-being throughout the body.

Today, the herb is still revered for its ability to provide overall strengthening and a feeling of enhanced well-being; however, Korean ginseng is also being recognized for its powerful and broad therapeutic abilities. 




Herbal Combination #927-1 (60) $45.43

More than 2 million Canadians have diabetes. The number is expected to rise to more than 3 million by the end of 2010. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure and it is a leading cause of death in Canada. GlucoReg provides nutrients that may help support the body’s efforts to regulate blood sugar levels. Only Nature’s Sunshine offers this unique combination that works naturally to promote healthy blood sugar levels while providing antioxidant and protective nutrients that guard against damage that is often associated with abnormal blood sugar levels. GlucoReg is the result of years of research and testing.

Weight Management - An important factor in weight management is the control of blood sugar (glucose).  When there is an over supply of glucose in the blood the pancreas secretes more and more insulin.  Because insulin is the fat-storage hormone, an over abundance of insulin makes one more prone to storing fat.  For those who have plateaued in their weight loss efforts, controlling glucose levels and insulin secretion may be the answer to losing those last few stubborn inches.




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