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Echinacea GoldensealEchinacea Goldenseal Extract

Immune System #3180-1 (59 ml) $28.93

Echinacea & Golden Seal are two of the most popular herbs used in strengthening immune system function. This powerful combination supports the immune system during seasonal changes.

Echinacea purpurea and angustifolia contain a host of beneficial active ingredients, including polysaccharides, fatty acids, glycosides, and echinacosides, that nourish and strengthen the immune system. Goldenseal Root contains powerful alkaloids like berberine and hydrastine to help the body maintain strong immune defense.

Each of these herbs exhibit anti-micorbial and anti-bacterial properties. The combination is available in both liquid extract and capsules.



Echinacea GoldensealEchinacea Goldenseal Capsuls

Immune System #835-2 (100) $36.64

Same as Echinacea Goldenseal Extract




Structural System #925-5 (60) $44.29

EverFlex tablets contain four ingredients believed effective in the maintenance of joint health and for the relief of joint pain and inflammation due to arthritic symptoms and join injuries.  Glucosamine is a natural compound present in joint cartilage.  It stimulates the production of synovial fluid, the cushioning fluid in joint structures.  MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is essential for the maintenance of joint structures.  Chondroitin is helpful in bonding collagen fibers in the joints and structural tissues.  Devil's Claw is an African herb with a traditional use for relieving the symptoms of arthritis. 


EverFlex Pain CreamEverFlex Pain Cream

Structural System #3535-6 $32.21

The penetrating action of EverFlex Analgesic Cream provides temporary relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, lumbago, strains, bruises, sprains and arthritic or rheumatic pain, pain of tendons and ligaments.  It is also useful for tired, aching muscles.

EverFlex contains MSM, Menthol, and a proprietary CFA blend that has been clinically proven to relieve arthritic symptoms.


Enviro D-T-X

Enviro D-T-XIntestinal System #874-4 (100) $28.55

Environmental pollutants and toxins can build up in the body, slowing the body’s natural cleansing process. An accumulation of toxins in our bodies can lead to many health problems, including allergies, asthma, constipation, digestive dysfunction, and headache, and may eventually lead to the development of degenerative diseases.

The herbs in Enviro D-T-X were selected for their ability to help support the five primary detoxifying eliminatory organs: liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels, and skin. Enviro D-T-X can be taken daily to ensure maximum protection and nutritional support for these vital body functions.




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