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Listen to your gut: It’s asking for more friendly flora

A healthy intestinal environment is the very foundation of good health. And one of the best ways to keep your intestines in good health is to ensure a proper balance of gut flora (friendly bacteria).

Having a healthy population of gut flora alleviates several uncomfortable conditions, like gas and bloating, diarrhea, constipation, Irritable bowel Syndrome, yeast overgrowth and general intestinal discomfort.

However, the benefits of maintaining good intestinal bacteria levels go far beyond easing intestinal discomforts. Gut flora product certain B vitamins and even omega-3 fatty acids. They’re responsible for producing digestive enzymes like lactase, and powerful immune factors.

But this critical ecosystem is fragile and easily disturbed. Some antibiotics can completely kill off the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Steroid drugs like cortisone and prednisone, as well as birth control pills and chemotherapy can also upset your gut flora. In addition, poor nutrition or digestion can impair the efficiency of intestinal bacteria, as can stress, trauma, surgery, or parasitic infestation.

When the number or activity level of your good bacteria drops too low, it opens the door for harmful bacteria to proliferate, allowing the opportunity for diseases to develop.

Keeping your population of friendly bacteria up is an important step to good health. To restore friendly bacteria take a daily supplement and you’ll soon be back in balance.

Supplement daily with Bifidophilus Flora Force or Acidophilus/Bifidobacterium.

Friendly bacteria can also be found in yogurt. You want to stick to either organic yogurt or Astro BioBest. Avoid yogurt with added flavours or fruits. If you enjoy fruit yogurt, it’s best to add it just before eating.

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