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Essential Oils for Emotional Health

Basil – headaches, migraines, earaches, vertigo, mental tonic, clearing effect, mental fatigue, nervous insomnia, physical fatigue, physical tiredness

Benzoin – warming of emotions, euphoric effect, anxiety, nervous tension, stress

Bergamot – refreshing, uplifting feeling, opens heart chakra, cools anger and frustration

Black Pepper – mental stimulant, sharpening focus and alertness, vitality, stability, warming of erratic emotions

Black Spruce – grounding, hypnotic effect with extended use, exhaustion, emotional, mental and physical fatigue

Camphor – stimulating, clearing (similar to smelling salts)

Roman Chamomile – insomnia, irritability, migraines, headaches, calming to mind and emotions shocks to nervous system, asthma that is emotionally triggered

Clary Sage – migraines, fatigue, may have intoxicating and euphoric effect, depression, fear, paranoia, mid life crisis, creativity, aphrodisiac

Clove Bud – fatigue, stimulates mind and memory, nervous depression

Cypress – mental fatigue, stress headaches, nervous breaks, emotional fatigue, removes psychic blocks, cleans and purifies spirit

Fennel – Nerve tonic, restorative

Frankincense – nightmares, insomnia, depression, stress

Geranium – nervous fatigue, anxiety, depression

Immortelle – migraines, chronic headaches, sinusitis, stress, depression, fears, phobias, nervous exhaustion

Jasmine – exhaustion, tension, euphoric effect, lifts moods, stress reliever

Juniper Berry – refreshing and clearing to mind, sharpens senses

Lavender – headaches, tension, CNS regulator, mood swings, anger

Lemon – tension, refreshing to mind, clears head, helps concentration, nerve tonic, exhaustion, depression

Lemongrass – headaches, helps concentration, sedating effect on stress induced conditions, mental fatigue, exhaustion, irritability

Marjoram – headaches, tension, insomnia, narcotic, sedating effect, grief

Myrrh – calming, grounding, meditation, emotional coldness, apathy, may bring forward deep hidden emotions

Neroli – hypnotic to CNS, insomnia, shock, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, general nervine

Orange Bitter – anxiety, fears, stress, tension, aids mental clarity and concentration

Peppermint – shock, mental clarity, concentration, memory

Petitgrain – restorative, refreshing, calming of fears, tension, stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue

Rose – headaches, migraines, poor memory, concentration, insomnia, depression, apathy, disconnection, abandonment

Rosemary – clearing, headaches, mental clarity, fatigue, lethargy

Sandalwood – anxiety, depression, stress, tension, insomnia

Tea-Tree – mental clarity, sharpens memory, shock, exhaustion, depression

Vetiver – heavy sedating effect, depression, nervous insomnia, mental exhaustion, when rest is needed during post partum depression

Ylang Ylang – sedating, drowsy effect, triggers alpha waves, meditative, dreams state, emotional stress, aphrodisiac, nervous depression, insomnia, anxiety



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