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What Is Environmental Health and How Is Yours?

You see it everywhere you go. You are constantly asked to become more environmentally friendly in order to save our planet.  After all, without our planet earth, where would you be?

Perhaps a second question should also be asked, what are you doing for your environmental health? 

There are many toxins surrounding us that we don’t have immediate control over.  But don’t despair, there are some toxins you can do something about.  So why not eliminate those you do have control over?

For example, are you aware of how many toxic chemicals there are in your home, food and personal care products that you unconsciously choose to be surrounded by? OOOur bodily systems are so overloaded with these poisons, that just like our planet earth, we are destroying our organs.

These toxins cause irritation and disrupt the normal processes of our body.  They can inflame, weaken, and eventually destroy the tissue of various organs, glands and systems.

This increase in toxic chemicals has given birth to new classes of diseases and autoimmune disorders.  In addition, various chronic and degenerative diseases which have been associated with the elderly are now becoming more common amongst the young. 

You may not be able to eliminate all toxins, but you do have some control and can eliminate some toxins – so why not go for it?

Do you want to increase the quality of your life?  Then it’s time to take care of your environmental health.  Avoiding the following will help:

Food Additives

  • Artificial Sweeteners

  • MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

  • Sulfates (commonly added to dried fruit)

  • Artificial Coloring Agents

  • Preservatives (BHT & BHA)

  • Nitrite & Nitrate (used to preserve meat for centuries)

  • Olestra (fake fat)

  • Transfatty Acid

  • Genetically Modified Foods

  • Irradiated Foods (even microwaves)

 Xenoestrogens (disrupt endocrine system by bonding to estrogen receptor sites), they include:

  • Pesticides

  • Organochlorides (dioxin, PPBs, PCBs, and others)

  • Heavy Metals

  • Plastic ingredients

 Water Pollutans

  • Chlorine

  • Fluoride

Building Materials (household plants, air filters and opening windows and doors are helpful):

  • Wood treated with formaldehyde

  • Glues

  • Chemicals in carpets and fabrics

  • Paints

Household Cleaning Products

  • Use natural cleaning products to avoid the toxic chemicals found in most household cleaning products.

Personal Care Products

  • When looking at the ingredients, you will see a chemical soup.  Look for certified Toxic-Free products.

Electromagnetic Pollution (may be major factor in development of cancer)

  • -         Microwaves

  • -         Computers/Laptops

  • -         TV Sets

  • -         All other electronic equipment that electromagnetic radiate from causing health problems

Don’t be overwhelmed, you can work through this a bit at a time.  Search through the list and start with those that would be the easiest to change and gradually work your way from there.  I personally find cleaning products and personal products an easy start.  Good luck and have fun with it.



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