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Detoxify Your Skin to Live Longer & Look Ageless
by Linda Chaé

Aging isn’t just wrinkles. . .it’s disease and illness

Most of us think of ‘aging’ as wrinkles that begin to appear on our face. But that word applies to all the diseases and conditions that impact our health . . . breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, etc. Chances are you or a family member has experienced the fear and pain of one or more of these frightening conditions. And yes, wrinkles can be painful, but they aren’t usually life threatening.

skin detoxWhat few realize is that skin care products and other topical personal care items we use are significant contributors to these diseases. The products applied to our skin to help us look younger actually contain Age Accelerators. Synthetic chemicals used in the formulation of these products have been scientifically linked to these diseases. So when you apply anti-wrinkle cream to your face, it is actually making you older.

The typical industry response to concerns about toxic ingredients has been, “Oh, the ingredients are such fractional amounts they cannot possibly be harmful”. That’s like the tobacco companies telling us one cigarette will not cause lung cancer. It’s the multiple packs of cigarettes every day, month after month, that is the problem.

“We look good, we smell good, and we have just exposed ourselves to 200 different chemicals a day, through personal care products.”
U.S. News and World Report

So, every day, we apply creams and lotions, use deodorant, brush our teeth, use perfume (or products with fragrance). . . and the small amounts of toxic, carcinogenic and hormone disrupting chemicals add up. In fact, scientific studies have shown these chemicals remain in our blood and fat tissue, and some have been found in breast cancer tumors. The specific chemicals are not in the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. They are only found in the products which are then absorbed through the skin.

“Cosmetics are being marketed in the United States which may pose a serious hazard to the public. Over 2,983 chemicals used in cosmetics…and one-third (884) of these ingredients have been reported as toxic substances…” Senator Edward Kennedy, quoting a General Accounting Office report.

Much of the related statistical evidence can be found in government agencies: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center of Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Health (NIH), Government Accounting Office (GAO), Poison Control Center and others. The manufacturers that claim these synthetic ingredients are safe rely on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to protect their workers from the very chemicals found in the products you and your children are exposed to on a daily basis.

As the largest organ of the body, the skin absorbs much more than we can imagine. Yet, it doesn’t absorb water. Otherwise, we would gain weight every time we took a shower or bath. But the small molecules of skin care ingredients are absorbed. Just think of those transdermal patches delivering medicines through the skin. The skin is also a wonderful elimination organ. People can be embarrassed by perspiration, but that is the body’s way of releasing toxins.

Yes, there is hope. We can improve our health and look younger.

Here are the basic habits I recommend:

• Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. These have been proven to be dangerous to our health and actually age our skin prematurely. Alcohol in moderation, especially a glass of wine, should not be problematic.

• Eat healthy. This may be a challenge with busy lifestyles, but try to eat as many fruit and vegetables as you can - and choose organic.

• Look for natural skin care and personal care products that bear Certified ToxicFree® Seal. It’s your assurance the products are free of toxic, carcinogenic and hormone disrupting chemicals.

• Choose organic. Just as you select ‘organic’ food, look for skin care that is organic and free from age accelerating ingredients.

• Contact the ToxicFree® Foundation (, and purchase a ToxicAlarm Guide. This quick-read booklet includes a list of dangerous chemicals and how to identify them on the labels of products.

• Use information resources on the web to research some products and nearly every ingredient. Don’t be alarmed, there are safe alternatives.

To improve your skin and retain a healthy, ageless appearance:

• Begin your skin detoxifcation program by choosing a ToxicFree® cleanser to remove dirt, pollutants and chemicals from the skin surface.

• Select a masque with glacier silt that can help draw the toxins from deep within your skin. Remember, your skin is an excellent elimination organ.

• Tone your skin with products that contain Oxyene™ to counter exposure to polluted ‘city air’. This is a patented form of ‘liquid stabilized oxygen’ that will help breathe new life into your skin.

• Moisturize your skin with natural, organic skin care products appropriate for your skin type and age to assure your skin has the hydration and nutrition it needs

Once you find the right natural, organic skin care you will be on the path to detoxifying your skin for longer life and an ageless appearance.

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About the Author: Linda Chaé is a prominent researcher, formula consultant, educator and consumer advocate. She has met with many Congressional Leaders and Health Committee Members in Washington D.C., fighting for ‘Your Right to Know’ legislation, and to protect the public from unsafe chemicals in products. Check out the natural organic skin care products Linda has created that are guaranteed to improve your appearance in 30 days!

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