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Emotions and Your Health

One of the bedrock tenets of the Meltdown program is that emotions can be the catalyst for disease. The effects of the mind on the body can be very powerful. Fortunately, nutrition can be a big part of the cure. I call this area psychonutrition, since what you eat can alter neurotransmitter production in your brain which controls your emotions.

After years of studying Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) reports, Dr. David Watts, my mentor, has discerned the connection between distinct biochemical imbalances and specific emotions. For example:

• Too much calcium causes depression.
• Too little calcium causes anxiety
• Too much iron causes volcanic hostility.
• Too little iron causes learning disabilities.
• Too little magnesium causes attention deficit syndrome.
• Too much copper causes learning disabilities.
• Too little copper causes manic depression.
• Too much manganese causes compulsive behavior
• Too much mercury causes irritability.
• Too much aluminum (found in most deodorants) causes attention deficit
syndrome and may cause Alzheimer’s.
• Too much lead causes aggression
• Too much sodium causes hostility.
• Too little sodium causes apathy.
• Too little vitamin C causes depression.

By simply changing your diet, you can control, then cure the nutritional causes of these emotional problems.

A Tissue Mineral Analysis hair test will chart your biochemistry and inform you, in black and white, about your deficiencies and toxicities. Then, it includes a customized eating plan so you know exactly what to eat to correct the imbalance. You can literally eat yourself into a new emotional state.

Read about Food and Depression For more information,



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