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Why Do Children Get Sick?

Why do you think your child is always getting sick?
Do you think it’s because they caught it from someone else?

You can complain all you want about the child next door, or the one at school, or all the kisses on Christmas.  The fact is, playing the blame game won’t make your child feel better, your child is always getting sick because of his/hers weakened immune system.  The great news, you can help strengthen your child’s immune system. 

First let’s look at what weakens it:

1 – Lack of sleep

2 – Stress

3 – Lack of high quality nutrition

Your child’s sleeping patterns are very important.  I know it’s a lot easier to let them stay up than having to deal with the kicking and screaming.  But after just two weeks of dealing with the craziness of putting them on a schedule, life will be a lot calmer for you and your child. 

Just like adults, it is important to get peaceful and restful sleep.  There is no excuse for loud noises when anyone is sleeping, especially your child.  Sleep is definitely one way to avoid your child from always getting sick.

No matter our age, we feel stress, which means so does your child.  Nourishing your child’s Adrenal Glands during these times is highly recommended.  Astragalus is great because it supports both the Adrenal System and Immune System.  Herbasaurs Chewable Elderberry contains Astragalus, Elderberry that purifies the blood and supports the immune system and Reishi Mushroom that also supports the immune system.  My daughter loves the taste and I feel great giving them to her. 

It is no big surprise that most of us lack high quality nutrition.  But why should children suffer for choices their parents make?!  Does a 1 year old really know what ice cream is and what they are “missing” if they don’t get it. 

It is us, the parents who introduce foods to our children that shape their future eating habits.  Of course, it’s not always easy when Johnny is eating chocolate cake in front of your child.  But do we really want to raise children to follow the crowd or to be positive leaders.  Therefore, we need to take personal responsibility and action to shape our child’s eating habits. 

And always make sure they are taking their high quality supplements.  This way you know they are getting exactly what their precious body’s need.

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