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When your body speaks. . . .… you can feel it as pain or discomfort! by Linda Chaé

There are basic in-home procedures you can follow to treat pain and wounds.

Want to know about basic treatments for pain or minor injuries? The answers nearly always begin with a caution to check out any unknown cause, major pain/discomfort or serious trauma with your physician. That’s important so you’ll know what’s causing the pain and whether it’s safe for you to continue treating it at home.

There’re many simple steps and tools/products you can have on hand to deal with the everyday scrape, bruise or cut. Always have a First Aid kit handy – even if it’s only for a band-aid. Including a toxin free therapy spray or foam in the kit for cleansing and sanitizing the area as a Stage I treatment is a great idea. Add an aloe vera–based gel or spray to use as an anti-inflammatory aid. Usually these products will also act to cool and aid healing.

Of course, there are extreme conditions that may occur. A rancher who feared losing his hand after an accident with an animal is a good example of extreme. His hand was badly injured when a stallion nearly severed his hand in two. The incident happened in the state of Kansas and the rancher was flown to a hospital in Chicago, Illinois. His medical specialists debated whether his hand needed to be amputated. A surgeon did extensive repairs, but warned that the damage to tendons, muscle and bone would probably leave him with restricted mobility. In addition, he was told to expect extensive scarring.

By the time the rancher sought assistance it was 3-4 weeks later. The hand still had considerable bruising, redness, swelling, raw tissue, puss, etc. There were pins in the hand to hold the broken bones together. The rancher was told to begin following a standard wound care protocol developed in collaboration with several surgeons and medical offices.

Basic wound and pain management protocol
Following directions, the patient began foaming wounds and sutures on the hand with an oxygen-based cleanser and wiping it gently with sterile gauze. Then he used sanitizing mist on the hand several times a day, letting it dry each time. He applied an anti-inflammatory aloe vera gel to help cool the wound and aid in healing.

The rancher and his doctor documented his recovery progress with photos to allow review of his progress and implementation of other recommendations as necessary. He also documented changes in levels of pain he was experiencing. According to the patient, there was instant relief when the protocol was followed. His doctor said they saw immediate improvement the first week and confirmed the pain was lessened.

The patient also applied Helichrysum Essential Oil full strength to the wounds and sutures on the hand beginning in week two. Sometimes known as Immortelle, this Essential Oil is known for its pain management and anti-scarring capability. He continued applying the Helichrysum, sanitizing spray and foam, and the anti-inflammatory aloe vera product throughout his recovery period.

Once the open wounds had closed and sutures were removed, the patient and his doctor were directed to begin applying a mud masque to begin treating the deeper tissue. He was able to bend his fingers at this stage. Today, he has full use of his hand and there is very little scar tissue visible. He jokes that the procedure did such a good job that he doesn't get any sympathy over his injuries. His is a wonderful story of overcoming extremely painful wounds and physical therapy – completed primarily with natural, organic products and procedures.

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About the Author:
Linda Chaé is President of Chaé® Organics, Inc. and a pioneer in ‘go natural’ skin care for consumers. Her commitment to clean, safe toxic free products requires organic ingredients backed by scientific research. As a consumer advocate, protecting human beings from dangers in skin care products has included broadening her product line to include products to treat and manage wounds and pain. For more information, visit Chae's Site

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