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What Is Your Body Telling You?

Did you know that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a year on nutritionists or books telling you how to eat? If you listen to your body – it will tell you!

We all do it – we spend hundreds of dollars (not to mention hours) a year trying to find out what the best food for our body is. Did you know people are making millions of dollars a year telling you what the best foods are - when you can actually get the information for free?

Your body gives you all the answers and it costs you nothing. You just have to learn to listen. Just to recap some of the basics, here’s the list of worst offenders that you should definitely avoid:

• ALL refined sugars
• White flour and white rice
• Table salt
• Margarine and shortening
• Pasteurized, Homogenized Milk
• ALL artificial chemicals added to your food

Once you have eliminated those offenders, you will be able to hear your body a lot clearer. But don’t worry, eliminating those offenders is nothing to stress about. The truth is if you start to stress before you start, you never will start.

Our body sometimes plays tricks on us and stressing about what to eat actually causes cravings for the very foods you should avoid. So, don’t stress and take it slow. Start eliminating one refined food at a time and just for a couple of weeks at a time. DO NOT think about what you are not having, think about the food you are having instead.

Once you begin this process, you will see a chain of events occur. You will feel better because you are putting better food into your body. You’ll be surprised when you go to eat something sugary a couple weeks later and you notice how horrible it makes you feel. And boom, you will definitely think twice about having it again. With your new healthy eating habits, you will be able to listen to and hear your body a lot more clearly. Trust that it will tell you what nutrients it needs at what time, using cravings for healthier foods.

Your bodies gut instinct will kick in and without your head being clouded from all the chemicals and refined foods, you will finally be able to listen. Making this change is a positive step to great health. As Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” Take one day at a time and enjoy your meals – and you will soon be able to enjoy feeling great!

About the Author Diane Pascos, Reiki Master and Iridologist, specializes in the field of Holistic therapies. Her extensive training represents her wealth of knowledge and expertise in both physical and energetic therapies, with extensive training in Herbs, Ear Candling, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Color Therapy and much more. Contact Diane Pascos To re-energize your life and enhance your health and well-being . To learn more about your health visit her website at www.TheHealthyTruth.NET or email her at diane@thehealthytruth.NET. To speak with Diane directly, please contact her a 905-828-5690 or visit her on Skype. Holistically transform your life today!

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