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Eczema Update

Eczema has been an off and on again struggle with my 18 month old daughter. We recently moved, which caused my daughter stress and showed up with the worst case of Eczema I have seen on her. Of course, it’s all relative to what I’ve personally seen.

I thought I would give Silver Shield Gel a try and I did, only for a week. I went back to Pau d’arco because of it’s fasting acting itch relief. Her skin started clearing up shortly after that. Although it’s still lingering, its definitely a lot better. Acidophilus is something I will be giving her for a while.

Although Silver Shield didn’t relieve the Eczema as fast as Pau d’Arco did, it did wonders on my face. I’ve had this zit/wart/bumpy looking thing on the side of my chin for about 5 months now, only getting worse. What it is, I really don’t know. All I do know is that Silver Shield Gel minimized it by about 60% in two weeks. I applied Silver Shield Gel approx. 4 times per week. I’m continuing to apply to see if this “thing” would disappear all together.

So far, my face is loving Silver Shield Gel.