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Organic, Good or Bad?

Every time you go to the grocery store, there are new organic products popping up on the shelves.  From your basic fruits and vegetables, to chips and frozen foods.  Your organic grocery options are becoming endless.

I personally love many of the new options popping up on the shelves.  My 16 month old daughter eats 95% organic, and this makes my grocery shopping a whole lot easier.

But is everything called “organic” good for you?

Every product that you pick up from the shelves, whether it be organic or not, should be read first for the ingredients.

Just because it’s organic sugar or organic enriched white flower, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  The extact same health principals apply organic or not.  Sure, you may say it’s the “lesser of two evils”, but what is or isn’t sprayed on your sugar is not the main concern behind eating sugar.

When you are at the grocery story, read the ingredients first and ask yourself if the list is a healthy one, organic or not.  Eating organic, ready made frozen foods everyday, is not only having a negative impact on your health, it is putting a great big hole in your wallet.

On the positive side, there are MANY great products that have come out recently that are healthy choices.  It’s just a matter of taking an extra 10 minutes at the grocery store to read the labels.