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The Power of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

“Self-actualizing people must be what they can be”

Rather than starting at the beginning, I think it will be beneficial to start at the end. Let me describe what meditation will do for you.

Have you ever noticed the people who go through life as the lucky ones? They get all of the breaks. When you talk to them you realize how different they are compared to people living at ordinary levels of awareness. These people are connected to the genesis, the universal source of energy from which we all came. We all have that connection but some learn to control that connection better than others. Meditation will teach you how to control that connection.
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Great Health: The Key Factors You Must Know

Life is difficult and unfortunately we all experience various stresses.  The sorrows surrounding death, the stress involved with financial difficulties and even the fear of making the wrong decisions in life all make us feel like we are navigating an emotional land mine.  Emotions stemming from fear, triggered by the external world, is something we all face from time to time.  Some of us more then others.

When so much is going on in life, it’s difficult at times to keep your head up and stay positive.  You find yourself thinking of the what ifs, dwelling on the sadness or anger, walking with your head down or simply wanting to be left alone.

Whatever emotion is being brought up to the surface, it is very important that you acknowledge it.  Your emotions are very real and it doesn’t matter whether or not someone else understands them – they are yours and need to be valued and addressed.

We are all told by so many other people that our emotions are ridiculous or we shouldn’t feel that way.  Well, part of the healing process is accepting that you have emotions and that they are real to you.  It’s far better to feel, then to not feel at all.

So sit with your emotions and really feel them.  Feel where they are coming from.  What part of your body is being affected by them?  Ask yourself why you feel the way you do and do you ever recall feeling that way in the past.  Also concentrate on your heart and ask yourself what the emotion is really telling you about you.

By asking yourself these questions, you can really get personal with your emotions in order to understand them.  This is the beginning of understanding, accepting and loving yourself.

When you love yourself, getting through external situations becomes a lot easier.  You will find your health gets better, your relationships are more pleasant and you get to enjoy the beauty life has to offer.

Taking supplements, exercising and eating healthy has been proven to help in dealing with emotions and the mind.  However, in order to be successful, you need to love yourself.  Loving yourself in good times and in bad is really the key to happiness, which plays a major role in good health.