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Are You Paying Attention?!

Here’s a neat thought from the converations with god guy Neal Donald Walsch
On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…
..that it is time for you to give your mind a respite, a retreat from all the illusions of your Every Day.

How long has it been since you paid attention — real attention — to your soul? There are many ways to nourish the soul, but you often must stop, just simply stop, life as you are living it…if only for an hour or a day or a week…and take some time to gift your soul. Or, more accurately, to allow your soul to gift you.

Is there a book you have been dying to read? A personal growth workshop you wish you could take? A lecture you hope you can fit into your busy life? Do it. Do it now. You think you can’t afford the time or the money? I tell you, you can’t afford not to.

Is Your New Year One of Hope Or Fear? By J Finnis

As we contemplate the New Year many of us find ourselves reflecting on what lies ahead. It’s also time to look back on the year just past, gaining satisfaction from our achievements and trying to make sense, and learn from, the things we didn’t get completely right.

It’s also a good time for taking stock of our lives. We need to look both outwards and inwards. At our place in the material world, our work, public roles, relationships and material assets. And at our levels of happiness, satisfaction, contentment and sense of purpose and fulfillment. As human beings we are privileged to occupy two worlds (the physical and the Spiritual) but obliged to give our best in both.
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