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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms Exposed By Jared Hillman

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common types of vitamin deficiency. This is a very special vitamin that we don’t get from food, but instead, from sunlight. The rays of the sun trigger the process to produce vitamin D in our bodies. This deficiency most of the time gets unnoticed, but there are some vitamin D deficiency symptoms that are good to keep an eye on.

To understand the symptoms, it is good to know how vitamin D helps us: this vitamin is good to develop strong bones and muscles. A deficiency will affect both the muscles and the bones. When it is just starting out, it manifests in the form of aches and fatigue. Depending on the specific case and severity, these other symptoms may appear:

• Pain or tiredness in the muscles. This also translates as weakness; you’ll feel more tired from doing activities such as climbing stairs.
• Bone pain problems. These tend to be more pronounced on the legs, back and hips.
• In children, this condition is more common. Children can develop curved legs if the condition is severe.
• Babies and children with severe vitamin D deficiency can experience cramps and respiratory problems. Parents need to be very alert of this condition.

Identifying the symptoms is very useful if you suspect you have a deficiency, however the best course of action you can take is prevention. The best way to prevent it is by walking a few minutes during the day. This way you’ll keep your body generating vitamin D in healthy amounts.

If the condition appears to be more severe, doctors can recommend a series of treatments like the use of tablets or injections.

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