What’s in a Flu Shot?

The flu shot is highly recommended by most medical professionals, even though it is not guaranteed that you won’t get the flu.

I’m personally not a fan of the flu shot.  I feel that it can cause more harm in the long run then good in the short term.  The flu shot has large amounts of toxins, suck as Ethyline glycol (anti-freeze…yes, anti-freeze), Thimerosal (can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease), Aluminum (associated with Alzheimer’s and cancer) and Formaldehyde (known to cause cancer).

Now you tell me, why would you want to inject your body with those toxins.

Extracts From Purple Berries Promote Weight Loss

Scientists have published new evidence that natural pigments of blue/purple/reddish found in certain fruits and vegetables may help prevent obesity and improve other health markers. However, they found that eating the extract of blueberry was more effective at promoting weight loss than eating the whole fruit.

In the new study, researchers found that mice fed a high-fat diet for 8 weeks plus drinking water with purified anthecyanins from blueberries and strawberries gained less weight and had lower body fat levels than a control group. “Anthocyanins fed as the whole blueberry did not prevent and may have actually increased obesity,” the study reported. “However, feeding purified anthocyanins from blueberries or strawberries reduced obesity.”

What does this mean to some interested in losing weight? The study gives evidence to the health and weight-loss benefits of taking fruit extracts from blueberries, grapes, etc. Zambroza is brimming with extracts from colourful fruits such as blueberries. People who take Zambroza report weight loss as one of its many benefits.

Soucre: www.sciencedaily.com

Fair Trade

My Thoughts on Fair Trade Whether we realize it or not, more of us then not are contributing to non fair trade. From our cups of coffee to our computer monitors, we are promoting something most of us would be against if we truly knew the facts. I was one of them.

The movie Bordertown brought this issue to my attention. Although “just a movie”, I truly felt the message behind it and my heart sunk. I’ve been living oblivious to where everything I buy comes from, never mind half the crap I truly don’t even need. To learn what fellow humans go through to get these products to me, just tore my heart.

Fair Trade is all I want in my life from now on…….but where do I start? I don’t know which products are and are not. So through The Healthy Truth, I decided to learn and post all information that I come across on companies using fair trade practices.

My New Hero

I’m lovin’ the new Silver Shield Liquid.

I started my day with a soar throat, oh what fun that was.  Instead of going my usual root, I decided to test out the new Silver Shield formula to see if it’s all they say it is.

Boy was it ever!  The symptoms went away within 2 days of using Silver Shield.  I took it 3 times a day with a meal and now it’s all gone.

My new test product, Silver Shield Gel on my daughters Eczema.  Of course, I’ll be adding the Acidophilus and Oregon Grape to the mix.  Her bowels are currently working great, so no need to worry about proper elimination.

Check back to see my results.

Stay Healthy in a Limited Budget By Suzanne Macguire

Economic depression is telling on all but even during this lean phase, we should learn to live wisely. Limited budget does not mean that you have to cut down on nutrition; all you need to do is act wisely. On an average, around 49% Americans eat outside food which, in fact, is a major cause of your money depletion. Calculate the amount spent on food purchased from vendors or restaurants and you shall see how expensive it actually is when compared to home-cooked food.

Most of us hardly want to make an effort to cook our own food but at the end of the month, we repent why we spent so much on the pizza, the roasted turkey, or the risotto. Besides, there is another trauma lying in wait- obesity. Outside food does no good to keep your body weight in check or offer balanced nutrition. On the other hand, people often buy chips or colas when they do not want to indulge in expensive restaurant dishes. What they don’t realize is that a one dollar chips gives way to thousand dollars expense in the form of weight gain, cardiac diseases, and heart problems.

Still wondering? It’s time to hit the grocery stores and do some cooking!

Clinical nutritionists suggest a way out to keep you healthy within a limited budget. Instead of buying ready-made food, go to the grocery store every week and buy foods that promise a balanced diet instead of mere carbohydrate-rich food. Foods high in fiber content are ideal as they take longer to break-down and thus make you feel full. Such foods include sweet potato, bean, lentil, tomato, or broth-based soups, lettuce, mixed greens, and brown rice. Buy the veggies in bundles instead of pre-cut to minimize cost. Buying brown rice of the long kind is more affordable.

One of the healthiest options is to buy seasonal fruits during the fall. Seasonal fruits cost much cheaper and are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Grocery stores also keep cut fruits packets that you can consume as snacks. Bringing your own lunch to office saves on calories as well as dollars.

One very basic thing that people often overlook is drinking adequate amounts of water. Do not confuse thirst for hunger; the next time you feel hungry, drink water first. The last but not the least- always plan your shopping trips and meals ahead of time to ensure you do not end up eating or spending more than required. Do not let the economic depression cast its ugly eyes on you. Be wise and stay healthy!

Suzanne Macguire is an expert writer and health expert. Her recent articles cover a lot of information on fresh fresh cut fruits.

When You Gotta Go and You Just Can’t

You know that feeling when you SO gotta go to the bathroom, and I’m talking number 2, but you just can’t go.

Like most people, you probably either bring a newspaper, magazine or for some, a laptop.  Although eventually you do get some results, it’s actually one of the worst positions you can put yourself in when trying to eliminate.

Next time you go to the bathroom, leave the reading material outside of the bathroom and bring a foot stool.  While sitting on your crown, put your feet up on the foot stool and watch how quickly you will go.  This position basicaly puts you in a squatting position, which positions your bowels perfectly to ease elimination.

Happy eliminating!

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms Exposed By Jared Hillman

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common types of vitamin deficiency. This is a very special vitamin that we don’t get from food, but instead, from sunlight. The rays of the sun trigger the process to produce vitamin D in our bodies. This deficiency most of the time gets unnoticed, but there are some vitamin D deficiency symptoms that are good to keep an eye on.

To understand the symptoms, it is good to know how vitamin D helps us: this vitamin is good to develop strong bones and muscles. A deficiency will affect both the muscles and the bones. When it is just starting out, it manifests in the form of aches and fatigue. Depending on the specific case and severity, these other symptoms may appear:

• Pain or tiredness in the muscles. This also translates as weakness; you’ll feel more tired from doing activities such as climbing stairs.
• Bone pain problems. These tend to be more pronounced on the legs, back and hips.
• In children, this condition is more common. Children can develop curved legs if the condition is severe.
• Babies and children with severe vitamin D deficiency can experience cramps and respiratory problems. Parents need to be very alert of this condition.

Identifying the symptoms is very useful if you suspect you have a deficiency, however the best course of action you can take is prevention. The best way to prevent it is by walking a few minutes during the day. This way you’ll keep your body generating vitamin D in healthy amounts.

If the condition appears to be more severe, doctors can recommend a series of treatments like the use of tablets or injections.

Learn all about the vitamin deficiency symptoms at http://www.VitaminDeficiencySymptoms.net a site where you’ll find all the information on the different types of vitamin problems.

Purchase your vitamin D from TheHealthyTruth.NET!

Organic, Good or Bad?

Every time you go to the grocery store, there are new organic products popping up on the shelves.  From your basic fruits and vegetables, to chips and frozen foods.  Your organic grocery options are becoming endless.

I personally love many of the new options popping up on the shelves.  My 16 month old daughter eats 95% organic, and this makes my grocery shopping a whole lot easier.

But is everything called “organic” good for you?

Every product that you pick up from the shelves, whether it be organic or not, should be read first for the ingredients.

Just because it’s organic sugar or organic enriched white flower, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  The extact same health principals apply organic or not.  Sure, you may say it’s the “lesser of two evils”, but what is or isn’t sprayed on your sugar is not the main concern behind eating sugar.

When you are at the grocery story, read the ingredients first and ask yourself if the list is a healthy one, organic or not.  Eating organic, ready made frozen foods everyday, is not only having a negative impact on your health, it is putting a great big hole in your wallet.

On the positive side, there are MANY great products that have come out recently that are healthy choices.  It’s just a matter of taking an extra 10 minutes at the grocery store to read the labels.

Why Do I Have Salt Cravings

There are several different reasons why you may be craving salt. The first one is that over the years your body and your taste buds have been accustomed to a lot of salt. If you are trying to cut back on salt because of health reasons, your body will crave it, simply because it is used to lots of salt.

Craving salty foods can also be a symptom of adrenal exhaustion, especially in people who live fast-paced, stressful lives.

You could also be craving salt because your body needs the additional minerals found in natural salt. These minerals have been filtered out of our regular table salt. In this case eating salty food will only satisfy your craving temporarily until your body realizes it is still missing the extra minerals.

Is Salt Really Dangerous Or Addictive?

The average American has a salt intake of about 15 pounds a year. This much salt can cause high blood pressure and hypertension. The excess sodium also leaches a lot of calcium out of your bones, which over time can lead to osteoporosis.

Your body needs approximately 500 mg of salt a day. If you are an athlete or work hard physically, and sweat a lot, you will need more. The FDA’s recommended daily salt intake is 2,500 mg a day for the average adult. Most North Americans’ daily salt intake is over 5,000 mg. This is the processed, white, refined sodium chloride, which is toxic to our bodies.

Salt cravings have also been linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sickle cell anemia. If you find yourself craving a lot of salt all of a sudden, it may be a good idea to schedule a physical. Be sure to mention your salt cravings to your physician, so he or she can administer appropriate tests for the conditions mentioned above.

What Can I Do To Curb My Salt Cravings?

If you are craving salt as a result of being accustomed to consuming a lot of salt with your foods or enjoying lots of salty foods like potato chips, salted nuts etc., then slowly cut back on your salt intake and replace it with herbs and spices to give you lots of flavor without the salt. An excellent way to get the salt taste you crave as well as 84 necessary minerals is to use Himalayan Salt Crystals.

If stress and adrenal exhaustion are causing your salt cravings, try eating food that are high in Vitamin C and Potassium.

Foods High In Vitamin C – Citrus, Pepper, Broccoli
Foods High In Potassium – Apricots, Bran Wheat, Raisins, Figs, and Baked Potato With Skin

If you are craving salt, or just consuming a lot of salt each day, start cutting back on your salt intake. Opt for low sodium versions of foods and condiments. Start paying attention to the amount of salt in certain food. Take a look at a bread label. You’ll be surprised how much salt is in a single slice of bread.

Replace some processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetables and season your dishes with herbs and spices. Stick with it and after a while you won’t miss the salt and will be feeling better.

Are cravings for sugar, salt, junk food, sodas, and coffee running your life? For over 20 years, Diana Walker, the Cravings Coach, has assisted people like you in using natural, safe options for creating vibrant health. Check out Diana’s newsletter, blog and podcast at
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