Rice Flour a No Go

Well, I thought I’d try a gluten free version of the healthy and yummy pizza dough recipe.  No such luck, with rice flour that is.

Not sure if an additional healthy ingredient would be required to “glue” the dough together, but it did not work substituing this recipe with rice flour alone.

Next time I’m doing my weekly shopping, I’ll look out for other flour options.

Cheers to healthy eating!

Healthy Energy Drink?

Energy drinks feel great! You feel alive, confident and are able to get much more accomplished in a smaller bracket of time. But it’s not rocket science that there is a great chance they just aren’t all that healthy. So what are you trading in for those 5 hours of blissful energy?

The answer just doesn’t matter anymore…not with Solstic Energy.

Solstic Energy is your answer to your energy drink dilenmas.  Finally, a healthy energy drink.

Happy drinking!

Food Matters

What a great documentary!

I highly recommend everyone sees and really listens to this documentary regarding nutrition and it’s effects on health.

Although the majority of this information is nothing new to me, I really enjoyed the way everything was put together.  The Food Matters documentary was created so that all can enjoy and it’s easy to understand.

Open your eyes and watch this incredible documentary!

HEPA Air Purifiers and Allergies – 5 Reasons HEPA Air Purifiers Can Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

For some, allergies are seasonal and symptoms fade when contact with the irritant stops. For others, allergies are ongoing because the triggers are indoors and never go away. Regardless of whether your allergies are acute or chronic, a HEPA (or high efficiency particle arresting) air purifier can alleviate allergy symptoms, and here are 5 ways that it can spell relief for you throughout the year.
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Hunger Vs Cravings – Discover What You Really Need By Carla Hugo

Food is love. When a newborn makes his first voluntary decision, it is to eat. Whether he is nursing from mom, or being snuggled into a parent with a warm bottle. The connection is made. Sweet sustenance. Intimate connection. Slurpy satisfaction. Safety and protection. Thus the relationship with food and love begins. The fortunate baby is nurtured in many ways. Food is one. Cuddling, rocking, being sung to and engaged are others. When baby sounds the alarm by crying, the parent knows he is either, hungry, wet, gassy or tired. As hard as it may be to decipher the cry and remove the cause, it seems to get only more difficult as baby becomes an adult.
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Eczema Update

Eczema has been an off and on again struggle with my 18 month old daughter. We recently moved, which caused my daughter stress and showed up with the worst case of Eczema I have seen on her. Of course, it’s all relative to what I’ve personally seen.

I thought I would give Silver Shield Gel a try and I did, only for a week. I went back to Pau d’arco because of it’s fasting acting itch relief. Her skin started clearing up shortly after that. Although it’s still lingering, its definitely a lot better. Acidophilus is something I will be giving her for a while.

Although Silver Shield didn’t relieve the Eczema as fast as Pau d’Arco did, it did wonders on my face. I’ve had this zit/wart/bumpy looking thing on the side of my chin for about 5 months now, only getting worse. What it is, I really don’t know. All I do know is that Silver Shield Gel minimized it by about 60% in two weeks. I applied Silver Shield Gel approx. 4 times per week. I’m continuing to apply to see if this “thing” would disappear all together.

So far, my face is loving Silver Shield Gel.

Is Your New Year One of Hope Or Fear? By J Finnis

As we contemplate the New Year many of us find ourselves reflecting on what lies ahead. It’s also time to look back on the year just past, gaining satisfaction from our achievements and trying to make sense, and learn from, the things we didn’t get completely right.

It’s also a good time for taking stock of our lives. We need to look both outwards and inwards. At our place in the material world, our work, public roles, relationships and material assets. And at our levels of happiness, satisfaction, contentment and sense of purpose and fulfillment. As human beings we are privileged to occupy two worlds (the physical and the Spiritual) but obliged to give our best in both.
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Is Your “Stuff” Causing You Stress?

I love to keep my “stuff” in great condition.  I take care of them and treat them “properly”.  However, I recently realized how much energy and emotion I put towards material things.  Although I do believe in taking care of what I choose to purchase, or taking care of my home, I personally found myself having emotional attachments which was draining me.

I came across an article that I thought was great and I’m now sharing it with you…enjoy!
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