Have Stress? Try Bach Flower Essences For Relief

Bach Flower Essences

I thought I’d post this article sinse I am a big fan of Bach Flower Essences.  My favorite is definitely the Rescue Remedy.

For a long time now doctors have been talking about stress and high blood pressure – but they usually talk about “Type A” executives, driving themselves beyond their endurance to succeed more and more.

But those executives aren’t the only ones who experience stress. Even babies and household pets experience stress when the people around them are in turmoil. Right now, people of all ages are filled with stress over the uncertainty of the economy, politics, and war – in addition to the personal issues in their lives. And that can be dangerous to health.

Doctors are now recognizing that stress can do more damage to our bodies that just cause high blood pressure. It can create an overall degeneration of many body parts and bring on illnesses of many kinds. After all, our body parts are all connected – and our nervous system is an important component.

Developed by Dr. Edwin Bach in the 1930’s, Bach flower essences can re-balance our energies to reduce or eliminate that stress. They’re used around the world to heal emotional traumas. But they can do more.

In his writings, Dr. Bach talked about how our spiritual self affects our physical self. He believed there could be no true physical healing without emotional and vibrational healing. I personally believe that’s why some people who should be well continue to be ill, while others with challenging injuries can heal quickly.

Bach Flowers can be preventative medicine – treating emotional upheaval before it takes a toll on our bodies. And they can be healing medicine, working in concert with traditional medicine to allow bodies to recover. Flower Essences have no harmful side-effects and don’t create interactions with prescription medications.

If you’re interested in learning more about this all-natural approach to wellness, I recommend a book entitled Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer.

M. G. Cliff is a freelance copywriter with a strong interest in natural health. She enjoys writing for a variety of companies who promote health and well-being through safe, natural products and practices. Marte’s natural health site, http://www.pharmfreehealth.com, presents natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, health warnings, news about health-giving foods, and more.

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