3 Tips For a Healthy Diet and Faster Weight Loss by Tom McCarrick

If you are hoping to lose weight, having a healthy diet is the principal thing. Of course, exercise is important and very beneficial, but when it comes to weight control, diet is king. I hope this article gives you some useful, easy-to-follow guidance for making healthy changes to your everyday eating habits.

1. Be sure to include “healthy fats” in your meals whenever possible. This is an important factor in maintaining your body’s required hormone levels both for fat burning and also for muscle building. Having adequate healthy fats in your diet also ensures that your appetite is kept under control. The best sources of these healthy fats are raw nuts, seeds, organic egg yolks, avocados, extra virgin olive oil (this has the highest level of antioxidants), coconut oil (contain medium chain triglycerides, which are a great source of healty saturated fats), and meat which comes from grass-fed animals (this contains conjugated linoleic acid,, which helps burn fat and build muscle). You could try this tip – have a handful of raw nuts (walnuts, pecans or almonds are all very good choices) about a half-hour before meals, 3 times a day. They are great for helping to suppress your appetite, and also to give your body protein, some fiber and of course, “healthy fat”. You don’t need to eat a lot of nuts – they are high in nutrients.

2. With each meal, try to include a high-protein item. This could be a grass-fed dairy product, a grass-fed meat item or high-protein beans or nuts. This is a great way of controlling your calorie intake, and quelling your appetite. Getting these proteins mean that your body will put on more lean muscle mass, if you are working out regularly. This in turn means that your metabolism will be able to run faster and burn off that fat. By eating lots of protein with each of your meals, you are helping your body to control blood sugar and insulin levels. This is because the protein helps to slow down the breakdown of ingested carbohydrates.

3. I am not in favour of low carb diets, but I would say that the reason most people struggle to lose weight is because of their high intake of processed carbohydrates like refined grain-based starches and refined sugar, day in and day out. Although fruits contain sugars also, they are fine because the fiber within fruit helps to slow down the blood sugar response. But fruit juice should be avoided, because it has been stripped of fiber by the processing of the juice. It usually follows, when people start to reduce their intake of grain (from bread, pasta,cereals, bagels etc), they begin to lose fat much easier. I would recommend that you minimize your consumption of grains, and concentrate on eating just fruits and vegetables. Just by doing this, losing weight will get a whole lot easier. If you will follow these 3 steps to a healthier and smarter diet, I have no doubt that you will soon develop a leaner body and you will have lots more energy.
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