Rice Flour a No Go

Well, I thought I’d try a gluten free version of the healthy and yummy pizza dough recipe.  No such luck, with rice flour that is.

Not sure if an additional healthy ingredient would be required to “glue” the dough together, but it did not work substituing this recipe with rice flour alone.

Next time I’m doing my weekly shopping, I’ll look out for other flour options.

Cheers to healthy eating!

Healthy Energy Drink?

Energy drinks feel great! You feel alive, confident and are able to get much more accomplished in a smaller bracket of time. But it’s not rocket science that there is a great chance they just aren’t all that healthy. So what are you trading in for those 5 hours of blissful energy?

The answer just doesn’t matter anymore…not with Solstic Energy.

Solstic Energy is your answer to your energy drink dilenmas.  Finally, a healthy energy drink.

Happy drinking!

Food Matters

What a great documentary!

I highly recommend everyone sees and really listens to this documentary regarding nutrition and it’s effects on health.

Although the majority of this information is nothing new to me, I really enjoyed the way everything was put together.  The Food Matters documentary was created so that all can enjoy and it’s easy to understand.

Open your eyes and watch this incredible documentary!