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Healthy Energy Drink?

Energy drinks feel great! You feel alive, confident and are able to get much more accomplished in a smaller bracket of time. But it’s not rocket science that there is a great chance they just aren’t all that healthy. So what are you trading in for those 5 hours of blissful energy?

The answer just doesn’t matter anymore…not with Solstic Energy.

Solstic Energy is your answer to your energy drink dilenmas.  Finally, a healthy energy drink.

Happy drinking!

Fair Trade

My Thoughts on Fair Trade Whether we realize it or not, more of us then not are contributing to non fair trade. From our cups of coffee to our computer monitors, we are promoting something most of us would be against if we truly knew the facts. I was one of them.

The movie Bordertown brought this issue to my attention. Although “just a movie”, I truly felt the message behind it and my heart sunk. I’ve been living oblivious to where everything I buy comes from, never mind half the crap I truly don’t even need. To learn what fellow humans go through to get these products to me, just tore my heart.

Fair Trade is all I want in my life from now on…….but where do I start? I don’t know which products are and are not. So through The Healthy Truth, I decided to learn and post all information that I come across on companies using fair trade practices.

My New Hero

I’m lovin’ the new Silver Shield Liquid.

I started my day with a soar throat, oh what fun that was.  Instead of going my usual root, I decided to test out the new Silver Shield formula to see if it’s all they say it is.

Boy was it ever!  The symptoms went away within 2 days of using Silver Shield.  I took it 3 times a day with a meal and now it’s all gone.

My new test product, Silver Shield Gel on my daughters Eczema.  Of course, I’ll be adding the Acidophilus and Oregon Grape to the mix.  Her bowels are currently working great, so no need to worry about proper elimination.

Check back to see my results.