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Have Stress? Try Bach Flower Essences For Relief

Bach Flower Essences

I thought I’d post this article sinse I am a big fan of Bach Flower Essences.  My favorite is definitely the Rescue Remedy.

For a long time now doctors have been talking about stress and high blood pressure – but they usually talk about “Type A” executives, driving themselves beyond their endurance to succeed more and more.

But those executives aren’t the only ones who experience stress. Even babies and household pets experience stress when the people around them are in turmoil. Right now, people of all ages are filled with stress over the uncertainty of the economy, politics, and war – in addition to the personal issues in their lives. And that can be dangerous to health.
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Superfoods – Dispelling The Myths

By Matt Monarch

Much research has been done lately on superfoods. There is a lot of buzz about certain foods, and the truth is that it’s very hard to decipher the truth behind the buzz; what foods are actually super? Well, the fact is that there are certain foods out there which have very powerful qualities. Some of them are things which you can find in just about any kitchen, like garlic and lemon. Others are things you’d have to order on the internet from a reputable source. The thing that each individual needs to do is to decide whether your body needs a particular superfood. Obviously different foods have different qualities. Here are three superfoods which may really deserve the title.
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Is Your “Stuff” Causing You Stress?

I love to keep my “stuff” in great condition.  I take care of them and treat them “properly”.  However, I recently realized how much energy and emotion I put towards material things.  Although I do believe in taking care of what I choose to purchase, or taking care of my home, I personally found myself having emotional attachments which was draining me.

I came across an article that I thought was great and I’m now sharing it with you…enjoy!
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When You Gotta Go and You Just Can’t

You know that feeling when you SO gotta go to the bathroom, and I’m talking number 2, but you just can’t go.

Like most people, you probably either bring a newspaper, magazine or for some, a laptop.  Although eventually you do get some results, it’s actually one of the worst positions you can put yourself in when trying to eliminate.

Next time you go to the bathroom, leave the reading material outside of the bathroom and bring a foot stool.  While sitting on your crown, put your feet up on the foot stool and watch how quickly you will go.  This position basicaly puts you in a squatting position, which positions your bowels perfectly to ease elimination.

Happy eliminating!


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