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Articles: Supplements

Why Supplementation Is Neccessary

Garlic, More Than Just for Taste Alone
Garlic, that smelly little bulb, more than any other herb has played a major role in all cuisines of the world, and in the medicines of every great civilization. With such a reputation it’s not surprising that this humble vegetable continues to astound modern researchers.

Importance of Calcium, Magnesium + D
When stress is present calcium is lost, and a deficiency in magnesium is common in highly stressed individuals which can result in anxiety, fear, and even hallucinations. Magnesium has been referred to as the anti-stress mineral.

Listen to your gut: It’s asking for more friendly flora
A healthy intestinal environment is the very foundation of good health. And one of the best ways to keep your intestines in good health is to ensure a proper balance of gut flora (friendly bacteria).

Marshmallow By Kim Balas
Originally, the marshmallow plant was a native of specific regions of Europe and Asia but now can be found in areas of the United States as well and has been used for healing for over 2500 years. The scientific name for marshmallow is Althaea officinalis. Althos in Greek means to heal, and the plant was called "the official healer." The Romans and the Egyptians ate the root as a vegetable, the poor in Syria use the marshmallow root for food and in the Bible, it was the food of choice in times of famine. Marshmallow grows in damp, wet areas including meadows and marshes. By just looking at where a plant grows gives us a good idea of the plant’s signature and properties: “wet and damp”. The leaves of the marshmallow plant as well as the root are used as medicine.



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