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Articles:  Physical Health

Fat-Starved North Americans
Fat’s getting a bad rap these days. Fat-free this and low-far that – seems like everyone’s avoiding fat.

Now, you’d think with all this fat paranoia that we would be the slimmest, healthiest people on the planet, but we’re not. We’re the fattest we’ve ever been! We’re also suffering from rising rates of depression and behavioral problems in children and adults; high rates of cardiovascular disease; and plagued by inflammatory conditions from acne and allergies to diabetes and arthritis. With all this fat-free eating going on one would think we’d be getting healthier. But could it be that there is a link between good health and fat intake? What if that every-increasing waistline and those chronic diseases are, in part, the result of being fat-starved? Many believe this to be the case.

Drugging Ourselves to Death
It seems we keep reading about studies that reveal how beneficial various pharmaceutical drugs are, and how different vitamins do us no good. One reason for this is the very nature of the news business. Every hour the mainstream media strains to get our attention in an environment of information saturation. To draw our eye amid all this chaos, they'll promote anything that's sensational, even if it's not actually sensational at all.

8 Causes of Disease by Dr. Gordon Pedersen
One of the biggest problems with today's traditional health care system is that it often seeks only to treat the symptoms of disease, not the cause of origin of it. For instance, one of the symptoms of arthritis is pain. Some of the most commonly prescribed medications used to "treat" arthritis are pain-killers. While they may help take away the pain, they certainly don't take away the arthritis itself, and as soon as the effects of the drug wear off, the pain is still there. It's a backward, short-sighted system.

Fast Food Diet Can Damage Liver, New Study Finds
A new study has revealed that eating too much fast food and doing very little exercise can damage the liver.

Natural Health & Holistic Medicine Verses Doctors & Conventional Medicine by Lyn Nichols
Our argument for choosing Natural Therapies over conventional medicine is this......... Healers/Natural Therapists understand that illness begins with a blockage or disruption in a person's energy field. Physical illness is the body's way of making us aware that there are nutritional and/ or emotional issues that need to be addressed. The physical symptoms we are experiencing are the result of these unattended issues and the imbalance they have caused to the energy field, which over time has manifested into disease of the physical body. If we look at all physical symptoms as a warning sign that something is not right in the energetic field, we allow ourselves the opportunity of complete healing rather than superficial healing of the symptoms only.


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