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Articles: NSP Research

Helping Mankind Fight Infectious Disease
Silver particles have been used for centuries to disinfect and to kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and other pathogens.  Even as far back as the Greeks and Romans, silver was being used for its anti-microbial properties.  During mid-evil times, well-off families used silverware for eating to protect against plagues, hence the phrase “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”.

Nature’s Remedy for Fibromyalgia
Roughly three to four percent of women have muscle pain and tenderness over much of their bodies, a condition called fibromyalgia (FM). For reasons still unknown, this condition is more common in females than in males. Only about one-half of one percent of men experiences this syndrome.

Some of The Science Behind The Benefits of Zambroza and Paw Paw
At Nature’s Sunshine, I firmly believe that original basic science research is of paramount importance. I feel that this belief is shared by my colleagues because everyone recognizes the important correlation between company prestige and research that supports the products that we well. We ask fundamental questions about product benefits and then design experiments that provide the answers. This approach separates Nature’s Sunshine from the competition. After considerable thought, I have listed below salient points that define the importance of original basic science research:

Do You Have Solstic Energy?
Canadians gulp down more than 1$-billion worth of energy drinks, power bars and weight-loss products every year.  There are more new customers reaching for these products every day, and the number of choices in the market continues to proliferate.  But many of these drinks do not promote health in the long run.

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