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Studies link antiperspirants to cancer

For years the link between breast cancer and antiperspirants has been scoffed at and regarded an urban myth due to a lack of evidence. That was until British researchers found chemicals used in antiperspirants and other cosmetic products in breast tumors.

“Our research certainly does not prove causality, but we believe that in a few of these tumors the level of this chemical was high enough to promote breast cancer cell growth”, says lead researcher Philippa Darbre, Ph.D.

In a more recent study, British researcher Dr. Chris Exley, showed that higher concentrations of aluminum salts, a common ingredient in antiperspirants, can be found in breast tissue and breast fat nearest to the underarm region. In 17 breast cancer patients who underwent a mastectomy, aluminum was found to have passed through the underarm skin and into breast tissue.

“Aluminum is a metalloestrogen, it is genotoxic, is bound by DNA and has been shown to be carcinogenic. The confirmed presence of aluminum in breast tissue biopsies highlights its potential as a possible factor in the aetiology of breast cancer,” said Dr. Exley.

Aluminum used in antiperspirants acts as estrogen and therefore could increase the risk of other estrogen-related cancers, such as prostate cancer, and may also interfere with hormonal balance.

There is a natural, effective alternative to antiperspirants that might just reduce your risk of some cancers.

Natural deodorants made of large alum molecules in a salt form that cannot be absorbed into the body or blood stream are available. They don’t contain aluminum that can clog pores or enter the body. Neither do they stop the natural process of perspiration in attempting to eliminate odour. Natural deodorants work by keeping the bacteria on the skin from multiplying. They effectively impede the growth of bacteria by raising the pH level of the skin, forming a high alkaline environment that stops bacteria in its tracks. Natural deodorants don’t just mask odour but actually eliminate it.

Sadly, despite this new evidence and availability of healthy alternative for women and men, the antiperspirant/cosmetic industry still claims the cancer link to its products as a myth.

NSP offers Crystal Clear, a natural deodorant that is safe and effective for both women and men.

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